Employing the concept

Employing the concept

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Human resources are inexhaustible strategic resources have the greatest multiplier amplification effect, we seek to maximize the human resource potential.

First, the broad strokes talent. We break geographical boundaries, establish a reasonable flow of personnel system, at this stage, according to the business needs of enterprise development strategies, we directional positioning, efforts to train qualified personnel needed foreign trade, in order to further expand the international market and in line with the required knowledge at all levels talents, laying a solid foundation.

Second, the training of personnel. Companies desperate, excellent business knowledge and knowledge is part of the quality of staff, and also the staff in order to create effective basis; companies focus on serving staff re-education, so the native or external corporate employees were routine training and special skills training. On the one hand it is to meet the legitimate needs of staff talent; on the other hand, training has become an effective incentive mechanism. Now quit or employment, whether the company will provide a lot of people will choose to join training opportunities as a condition. Through training, you can find talent, temper talent. And in the training process, to foster employee loyalty, to enable enterprises to more fighting this collective, solidarity, cohesion, so that employees and companies and common, through thick and thin. In the training mode, in the case of internal training mainly take the industry, academia, research integration of the road, in cooperation with the Guangzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, South China Polytechnic University and other research institutions, universities, the internal promising Staff training was fed into universities.

Third, encourage talent. Work in practice, by the staff of the psychological, behavioral and ideological trends in research, summed up the target incentives, material incentives, respect for incentives, incentives and other incentives example, fuss-level personnel in the different needs, so that only the best talent, just make the best use, so that employees enjoy work that is rather than doing a job.

The company designed to mobilize the enthusiasm of career employees, so that everyone has at least a high degree of interest on their part of the work; to information, communication and feedback pipeline unimpeded: getting employees involved in decisions about their interest in things: increase learning, growth and Responsible opportunities and so on.

Establish a complete pay system. Company production workers, sales personnel, management staff, to take a different allocation patterns under different circumstances. In such a salary system support complete, the optimization mechanism of human resources has also been opposed to science, not only to retain good core staff that talent pay proportional to return, to ensure the rational allocation of human time, taking investigation, received information, carefully selected, carefully trial, resigned discomfort stay fittest approach, which guarantees outstanding rookie stand out from the system.

Fourth, the use of personnel. We have established mechanisms to boldly talents. Through a variety of ways, eclectic use of personnel, training a group of excellent comprehensive quality manager.


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